Prayer for the week

Father in heaven, who sent your Son to redeem the world
and will send him again to be our judge: Give us grace so to imitate him in the humility and purity of his first coming
that when he comes again, we may be ready to greet him with joyful love and firm faith; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

This week at St Helena's

Sunday 8th December 2019
9.30am - Holy Communion
6.00pm - Christingle Service

11.00am - Exploring Isaiah (Vicarage)

Sunday 8th December
9.30am - Holy Communion

This week's pew sheet

Human trafficking

Who we are

inside of St Helena's church LarnakaSt Helena's is an English language church in the centre of Larnaca in Cyprus. Since 1907 Christian worship has been offered from our premises.

We are part of the worldwide Anglican communion. Members come from many backgrounds and countries. Our primary work at St Helena's is ministry to English speakers locally.

Our activities

stained glass window in St Helena's church, LarnakaBesides Sunday services, there are Bible studies, prayer times and pastoral care. Social and fundraising events take place through the year.


inside St Helena's Church We provide wedding preparation and ceremonies for many couples each year, both local and from the UK. Our weddings are in the Anglican style, either at the church or at one of the several local hotels.  The weddings page has more information.


St Helena's can provide a full funeral service for churchgoers and non-churghgoers alike. This is part of the pastoral mission of the church.

Contact us if you would like to know more about St Helena's, or any of our activities.